Copycat weeknight recipes, kid approved: Chick fil a style nuggets

I have two confessions (some of you all will read this a brag but I promise you it's not). The first is my kids literally do not ask me to eat out, anytime they have having something from a restaurant or fast food joint they always liken it to mommy can make that at home. In the same breath confession number two if they do eat fast food they are obsessed with chick fil a nuggets (please do not ask about how many reward points I have in my bay on any given day). So what does one do, I re create as close as possible to the chick fil a nugget at home. I can make bounties of these, freeze them and even add a bottle of chick fil a sauce (FYI you can actually buy this now) and it's a win win for everyone. I save a few bucks and know exactly what is going into their food and they get one of their fav treats in the comfort of their home



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