All Things About Me

Once upon a time a young girl whose first experience with tapioca pudding making matriculated in her great grandmother's kitchen in Central Park West amongst high rises and morning bakeries went looking for her niche...20 years and 2 academic degrees later she found it in the midst of baking powder and confectioner's sugar, and hence from came the birth of the "All thing Sublime" tag and Sublime Catering Inc.: she became the woman gracing your presence today.


I sought to find a place where I could blend my English degree with my culinary skill and adventurous food quests. Over the years, I have become a mother, traveled the world to find more extraordinary culinary experiences, and expelled on my love of design and fashion (much more functional in the approach now as I keep up with my amazing toddler). 


This site is dedicated to sharing information of great food finds, favorite recipes, food filled experiences and simply just a love of life and where it can take you when you take a leap.  


I hope you find a yearning in your palate from the love of food that I incorporate in all aspects of my life and of which I hope to invoke with this site.

Ciara G.

Blogger, Chef, Wife, Mother, Fashion-Forward Thinker, Goddess of all Things Sublime and Divine

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