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Boozy Pudding Cups

Okay before the judgement hits let me explain myself. For parties and entertaining I'm always looking for cute ideas that one can add their own touch too in the food realm. Enter these cups. I went to an Easter egg hunt and immediately saw these for the adults and fell in love so I wanted to replicate it in some fashion for my own party. There are small enough to not be too indulgent and make a ton with a couple of packs of pudding and the versatility has no end in terms of flavor dependent upon the pudding and flavored liquor you use. I used vanilla vodka and I ordered the cups in a pack of 200 off of amazon. It will now be a staple on our party circuit as it was hit with our guests. Put them on ice in a nice serving bowl and label them away from the kiddos and call it a day!


  • 1 (3.4 oz.) box instant pudding mix, I used vanilla

  • 1 cup whole milk cold

  • 1 cup cold vanilla vodka (can use whatever you like)

  • 8 ounces of thawed cool whip

  • Sprinkles ( I use this brand from Target in a lot of my baking but use whatever you have on hand)


  • In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the pudding mix, milk, and vodka for 2 minutes.

  • Add in the thawed cool whip and whisk until smooth. Let set for 5 minutes.

  • Evenly divide the pudding between the containers with lids and chill for at least one hour before serving. Sprinkle on the sprinkles in every cup and place lid on. I like to make them the night before to get it out the way from same day prep.




“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

~Lao Tzu



“Dream big and dare to fail.”

~Norman Vaughan



“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” ~Dr. Robert Schuller 

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